The CANblu (with bluetooth) or CANi / Ghost (without bluetooth) is an advanced digital immobilizer, specifically designed for use with the CAN bus system in vehicles. It enhances security by electronically preventing the vehicle from being driven away, utilizing targeted commands sent to the cars’ Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Body Control Module (BCM). This immobilizer is particularly effective in safeguarding against the prevalent issue of keyless entry theft, providing robust protection for your vehicle

The CANblu device is an advanced vehicle immobilizer system that secures a vehicle by halting its operation through commands sent to the vehicle’s ECU and/or BCM controllers. This immobilization is achieved using dual CAN BUS connections alongside two 1-wire digital buses, as depicted in the relevant installation schematics. Additionally, it can interrupt an electrical circuit through an analog interruption using a solid-state control output capable of handling a 1A load. Similar to its counterpart, the CANi, the CANblu model is deactivated by inputting a pre-determined PIN code via the cars’ existing button controls. Furthermore, it features a transceiver channel, which allows for deactivation when an authorized ID transmitter or a smartphone is within proximity.

The CANblu model also integrates seamlessly with external car alarm systems, providing an extra security layer. This is particularly useful for vehicles with keyless entry systems, safeguarding against thieves who clone car remotes to gain unauthorized access. When connected to additional devices like a GPS/GSM tracker, remote deactivation via these devices takes precedence over deactivation via the PIN code. Notably, the CANblu model is versatile enough for installation in electric vehicles and can be utilized in car-sharing scenarios.

Disarming the CANblu immobilizer can be performed using an ID transmitter, a smartphone, or a PIN code. Once armed, the immobilizer offers several theft prevention mechanisms that vary based on the vehicle’s model, engine type, and specifications:

  • It can prevent the engine from being started.
  • It allows the engine to start but will shut it down if a thief tries to drive away; in automatic transmission vehicles, this occurs if the gear stick is moved from ‘P’, and in manual vehicles, when the clutch pedal is engaged.
  • It permits the engine to start but prevents the vehicle from moving.
  • It blocks the ignition from being activated. Additionally, a service mode can be activated during maintenance to ensure that your PIN code remains confidential.

CANblu Security features:

The CANblu Immobiliser is a cutting-edge, invisible security device that integrates seamlessly with your vehicle’s CAN bus system. It provides robust protection against key theft, keyless entry, and key cloning without any detectable emissions or circuit cuts, making it completely invisible to diagnostic tools and RF scanners used by modern thieves.

Invisible and Silent Operation:
The CANblu Immobiliser operates without producing any audible signals or radio frequencies, ensuring it remains undetected. Its communication with the vehicle’s ECU via the CAN data bus means there are no physical circuit cuts, avoiding any signs of tampering.

Robust Protection Against Key Theft:
Thieves equipped with key cloning technology cannot bypass the CANblu Immobiliser. The vehicle will not start without the unique PIN being entered first, which is set up using the vehicle’s own buttons from the driver’s position. This PIN is invisible to thieves, providing a foolproof layer of security.

User-Friendly with Optional Fob Override:
For those preferring not to use a PIN, the CANblu offers a fob option that recognizes proximity to enable vehicle start-up. If someone without the fob attempts to start the vehicle, they will be unable to do so. The system is user-friendly, easy to manage, and allows for PIN changes at any time.

Service Mode for Temporary Access:
When your vehicle needs servicing or valet parking, you can activate the ‘Service Mode,’ which temporarily bypasses the need for a PIN, allowing others to operate your vehicle without compromising long-term security.

Seamless Installation and Removal:
Installation of the CANblu Immobiliser is straightforward and fully reversible, making it easy to transfer to another vehicle without any trace of the previous installation. It connects directly to your vehicle’s CAN, enhancing security without the complexity of traditional systems.

Comprehensive Security and Peace of Mind:
With the CANblu Immobiliser, you receive an unrivaled level of security. Its unique, undetectable nature combined with a user-friendly interface and the optional emergency PIN override ensures your vehicle is protected while remaining accessible to you. Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your vehicle is secure wherever it is parked

Mobile App

You can unlock the CANblu immobilizer not only with a PIN code and the ID transmitter, but also with your phone – just have it in your pocket!

The CANblu app runs in the background until you close it or disable the app functionality. You don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket, just come closer to your car and the immobilizer will automatically connect to your phone and unlock the car.