SEO CANblu – with bluetooth (2 token)

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SEO CANblu / (with bluetooth – 2 token + mobile phone) is an advanced digital immobilizer, specifically designed for use with the CAN bus system in vehicles. It enhances security by electronically preventing the vehicle from being driven away, utilizing targeted commands sent to the cars’ Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Body Control Module (BCM). This immobilizer is particularly effective in safeguarding against the prevalent issue of keyless entry theft, providing robust protection for your vehicle


SEO CANblu immobiliser installation included in the price  – The product cannot be purchased without installation ! – With 2 bluetooth Token

Detailed Comparison of SEO CANi and SEO CANblu Vehicle Security Systems

SEO CANi and SEO CANblu are cutting-edge car security devices designed to prevent vehicle start without entering the correct PIN. Both systems protect against key theft, key cloning, and relay attacks (commonly known as “relay box” or “gameboy” methods). Here’s a detailed comparison:


  • Absence of Bluetooth: SEO CANi does not feature a Bluetooth module, ensuring that it emits no radio signals. This makes it entirely undetectable by any detection technologies, providing maximum security and invisibility.
  • PIN Entry Requirement: The vehicle can only be started by entering the designated PIN, ensuring robust defense against unauthorized use.


  • Bluetooth Functionality: SEO CANblu comes with an integrated Bluetooth module, allowing the system to be unlocked using a Bluetooth key fob or a smartphone with the relevant app (compatible with both Android and iPhone).
  • Multiple Unlocking Methods: In addition to PIN entry, the system can be unlocked via a Bluetooth key fob or mobile app, enhancing user convenience.
  • Detectability: The presence of a Bluetooth module means SEO CANblu can be detected by specialized devices that scan for radio signals. Though detection is challenging and requires time, it is feasible.

Common Features:

  • Effective Theft Prevention: Both devices ensure the vehicle remains secure even if the key is stolen, duplicated, or a relay attack is performed. Without the correct PIN, the car will not start.
  • Advanced Protection: SEO CANi and SEO CANblu both offer high levels of security, providing assurance and peace of mind for vehicle owners.

Conclusion: SEO CANi is perfect for those who require an undetectable security system free from radio signal emissions. Conversely, SEO CANblu provides additional convenience through Bluetooth unlocking capabilities while still offering strong protection. The decision between the two depends on the user’s personal preferences and security needs.