All keys and key cards purchased from us are covered by standard 6 months warranty.

For additional peace of mind you can purchase extended warranty for 9 or 12 months. Please refer to products page to check prices or contact our friendly team to discuss your option.

We understand that sometimes you may be limited by your budget and therefore we also offer keys and key card with limited warranty, again you can choose between 1 and 3 months. Please contact us to discuss options available.

The warranty protects you against faulty keys and key cards, this doesn’t happen very often but better safe than sorry. The warranty doesn’t cost you a penny and comes free with all replacement keys, key cards and key fobs.

Please note that warranty does not cover:

Mechanical damage – Liquid damage – Use of wrong type of batteries – Loss of keys or key cards

If you need to claim under a warranty let us know as soon as possible (no later than 72 hours from detecting an issue), so we can sort it out quickly for you. There are two options under the warranty:

  1. You can post us your faulty key or key card and we will check the card for you in our workshop. At the workshop the key or the key card will be taken apart to determine what has happened to the itand why has it developed a fault. Based on our findings we will either issue you a new key / key card or inform you about the findings. This process can take up to 10 working days.

  2. We understand that you may not want to wait up to 10 working days and if you don’t have a spare key or key card being unable to use your car. That’s why we are offering a second option you can use under warranty. We will come to you same day and programme a completely new key or key card, which will also be covered by the same warranty. You will need to pay an excess fee which is based on the original price of your key or key card..

To claim under warranty you will be asked to present a warranty card which will be given to you along with your new set of keys.

Please note that extended warranty is only offered on the refurbished UK keys and key card you have purchased from us. Any issues with the products must be reported immediately, failing to report a problem straight away may result in your warranty being void and any repairs/replacements will be a subject to a good will gesture. We also offer aftermarket keys and key cards, which have not been manufactured by Renault and are not covered by the above warranty.

Aftermarket key and key cards are a budget option and are covered by the standard 28 days warranty.

If you have any questions in regards to your key card warranty don’t hesitate to give us a call.