How to avoid a thief … – guide

How to avoid a thief … – guide Sometimes it is not enough to lock the car and hide valuables to protect yourself from thieves. Here are our tips and tricks. 1. There are no cars they don’t steal. 2. Never leave documents in the car. The insurance company has the right to refuse to…



Are you looking for a way to visually customize your old and boring looking car keys? Tuning the keys is no problem and offers a way to make your worn key look great again. Tuning of the key is possible on many models. Various key covers for many vehicles are also available on the market.…


Spare key – to buy or not to buy?

Spare key – to buy or not to buy? Getting a spare key is not a problem. The problems begin when you need to get two keys. The price for making a duplicate depends on the model and electronic security features. Losing the key is a big problem for the vehicle owner. It’s not bad…

Fiat DPD

Expanding the Business

Expanding the Business Having started the business few years ago we were only dealing with Renault key cards. Hence the name of the business haha. Over the years we have realised that more and more customers were asking for key cutting and programming for other car makes, like Mercedes, Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Fiat or Citroen.…


Renault breakdown nightmare

Renault breakdown nightmare Today I am going to go slightly off the usual topic of Renault key cards, although as usual it is going to be connected to the subject in one way or another. I am sure that any owner of a secondhand car will understand my struggles. As you can imagine daily our…