Adaptation – Programming – Coding – Car Key Programming


BMW – Mini ECU Programming

bmw coding

We Fully support BMW or Mini individual ECU programming such as :

DME, DDE, DSC, CAS, FEM, Airbag, Instrument Cluster/Kombi, Radio etc.

We support programming of Brand New Modules as well as used second hand.

  • We can update the ECU to the latest flash version based on the vehicle order.

  • We can code the ECU to match the configuration of the vehicle.

  • Program the correct VIN of the replacement ECU to match the VIN of the car.

BMW 6HP and 8HP EGS Reset

engine bmw

BMW Transmissions with EWS security cannot be replaced with a second hand unless it’s matched to the car’s immobiliser system. We are able to reset a used Gearbox to allow it to be fitted into a car and matched to the immobiliser.

E Series BMW, Only E70 and E71 models came with the EWS security on the EGS, We are able to unlock 6HP Transmission with security (EWS Active).

F/G Series BMW, All of these came with the EWS security for transmission, we are able to perform the security reset on almost all 8HP transmissions.

BMW and Mini Car Keys and Smart


We offer Replacement Car Keys for BMW and Mini’s for all models no matter if you have a working key or have lost all of your keys. We can perform programming of car keys, disable lost keys or permanently delete them from the car.


We use the most advance software on the market for this function and we are able to perform the programming on all versions of CAS as well as Encrypted CAS (CAS3+) units and FEM/BDC immobiliser modules.

BMW Software Update

bmw Software Update

BMW’s manufactured before 2009 which didn’t have their immobiliser modules updated with the newest software can have a new car key programmed directly through the OBD Port which makes them easy to steal.

Software Updates is one of the ways you can reduce the risk of your BMW being stolen. With the latest update,To program a key to the vehicle where no keys are present it’s not possible without taking out any modules. This drastically improves the security of your vehicle.

Cas Replacement

cas replacement
  • Vehicle not starting with an immobiliser warning light

  • Lack of communication with the immobiliser module

  • Water damage to the immobiliser unit

  • Vehicle not starting – Key not recognised

Most workshops or dealership are not capable of replacing the module with a second-hand donor unit and will advise to either get a new module or a complete immobiliser kit which can become very expensive.

However, some of the faults are easily repaired without the need of replacing the module. When a replacement is necessary, we are able to re-program a second-hand donor unit which will save you quite a lot of money,

FEM Replacement

FEM Replacement

Unlike most workshops we’re able to unlock and program a used second hand FEM or BDC Immobiliser module. We can accomplish this by transferring over data from the original module to the donor module.

In the event of fire damage to the FEM or the BDC module where the data is impossible to extract or if the module was damaged by inexperienced locksmith during a key programming and the immobiliser data is corrupted. We are also able to program a second hand module into your vehicle by extracting the necessary data out of the car and synchronising all the modules.