SEO CANblu – with bluetooth (1 token)

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SEO CANblu / (with bluetooth – 1 token + mobile phone) is an advanced digital immobilizer, specifically designed for use with the CAN bus system in vehicles. It enhances security by electronically preventing the vehicle from being driven away, utilizing targeted commands sent to the cars’ Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Body Control Module (BCM). This immobilizer is particularly effective in safeguarding against the prevalent issue of keyless entry theft, providing robust protection for your vehicle


SEO CANblu immobiliser installation included in the price  – The product cannot be purchased without installation !

SEO CANi and SEO CANblu are advanced vehicle security systems designed to prevent the car from being started without entering the correct PIN. Both devices provide protection against theft attempts involving stolen keys, key copying, and relay attacks (“relay box” or “gameboy” methods). Below are the key differences between them:


  • No Bluetooth: SEO CANi does not have a Bluetooth module, which means it emits no radio waves. This makes it completely undetectable by any detection systems, ensuring the highest level of discretion and security.
  • PIN Protection: The vehicle can only be started after entering the correct PIN, providing effective protection against theft.


  • Built-in Bluetooth: SEO CANblu is equipped with a Bluetooth module, allowing the system to be unlocked with a Bluetooth key fob or a smartphone with the dedicated app (available for Android and iPhone).
  • Multifunctional Access: In addition to PIN protection, the user can unlock the system using alternative methods such as a Bluetooth key fob or a mobile app, enhancing convenience.
  • Detection Possibility: Due to the Bluetooth module, SEO CANblu can be detected by specialized devices that monitor radio waves. Although detection is difficult and time-consuming, it is possible.

Common Advantages:

  • Effective Protection: Both devices ensure protection against theft, even if the key is stolen, copied, or if a relay attack (“relay box” or “gameboy” method) is attempted. Without the correct PIN, the vehicle will not start.
  • Advanced Security: SEO CANi and SEO CANblu offer a high level of security, providing peace of mind and safety for vehicle owners.

Summary: SEO CANi is the perfect solution for those seeking a completely undetectable security system that emits no radio waves. On the other hand, SEO CANblu offers additional convenience with Bluetooth unlocking options while maintaining a high level of protection. The choice of the appropriate system depends on the user’s individual needs and priorities regarding security and convenience.