Peugeot Key Replacement Specialists in South West, Wales & Surrounding Areas – Mobile Auto Locksmiths!

Peugeot Key Replacement + Peugeot Key Programming + Mobile Call Out
Price From £110 (All Included – No Hidden Costs)
0333 301 03 07 (standard calling rates apply) or 07950 206 034

We provide service to the following postcodes:

Post Codes: BA, CF, DY, EX, GL, HR, LD, NP, RG, SA, SN, SP, TA, WR

Parts Post Codes: B, CV, SY, WV, OX


12 months Warranty


Quote & Advice


Mobile Outcall


Peugeot Key Programming From


Peugeot Smart Key Programming From


Metal Key Cutting Services


Non Destructive Vehicle Entry


Peugeot Models We Support

  • Peugeot 106 Peugeot 607
    Peugeot 108 Peugeot 806
    Peugeot 206 Peugeot 807
    Peugeot 207 Peugeot 1007
    Peugeot 207cc Peugeot 2008
    Peugeot 208 Peugeot 3008
    Peugeot 301 Peugeot 4007
    Peugeot 306 Peugeot 4008
    Peugeot 307 Peugeot 5008
    Peugeot 308 Peugeot Bipper
    Peugeot 308S Peugeot Expert
    Peugeot 406 Peugeot Partner
    Peugeot 407 Peugeot Boxer 2
    Peugeot 408 Peugeot Boxer 3
    Peugeot 508

There is around twenty different types of Peugeot keys. The main difference is within the transponder of the key. To ensure a smooth process of getting your replacement Peaugeot keys please make sure that you are able to provide us with your car registration, year of manufacturing, the number of buttons that are on your key or a photo of the key.

Prices for Peugeot keys range from £120.00 to £210.00

If you have lost your Peugeot key or your key is not working, you are in a right place! With years of experience we can help you out, no matter the circumstances! We provide a fully mobile auto locksmith service in South West, Wales & Surroudning areas.

Give us a call now and we will get you back on the road in no time!

Peugeot Key Replacement + Peugeot Key Programming + Mobile Call Out
Price From £110 (All Included – No Hidden Costs)
0333 301 03 07 (standard calling rates apply) or 07950 206 034

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