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Hyundai keys come in various forms, from traditional keys to modern smart keys. Each key type has its own unique set of features, but what they all have in common is a built-in transponder chip that communicates with the car’s immobilizer. To ensure a smooth Hyundai key replacement process, it’s beneficial to have your vehicle’s details, such as registration, year of manufacture, and the type of key you have.

New Key + Key Programming + Mobile Call Out
Price From: £90 (Key) or £110 (KeyCard)
(All Included – No Hidden Costs)
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Hyundai Key Fob – No Call-Out


Hyundai Key Fob – Call-Out

From: £120

Hyundai Smart Key – No Call-Out


Hyundai Smart Key – Call-Out

From: £140

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Hyundai Models We Support

  • Hyundai i10 Hyundai Nexo
    Hyundai Santa Fe Hyundai Veloster N
    Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai i30 N
    Hyundai Kona Hyundai i30
    Hyundai Ioniq Hyundai Tucson
    Hyundai i20 Hyundai Genesis
    Hyundai i40

Our Hyundai key replacement services are competitively priced, offering a wide range of mobile solutions for every Hyundai owner

Misplaced your Hyundai key? Is your smart key not functioning as it should? Or perhaps you’re just looking to have a spare set of keys? You’ve come to the right place! With our years of expertise, we can assist you in any key-related predicament. We offer a fully mobile auto locksmith service in South West, Wales, and the surrounding areas.

Don’t wait—reach out to us now and get back on the road in no time!

The future of Hyundai keys

As technology advances, so do the methods of securing and accessing your vehicle. Hyundai is at the forefront of this innovation, exploring options like biometric access. Imagine unlocking and starting your car with just a fingerprint or facial recognition. While this technology is not yet mainstream, it’s a glimpse into the future of Hyundai keys.

Hyundai spare key fob

Don’t wait for a crisis to happen. Secure a Hyundai spare key fob now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared. Our team of skilled locksmiths can craft a spare key fob that is perfectly compatible with your Hyundai model.

What to do If Your Hyundai key is lost or malfunctioning

Losing your Hyundai key or dealing with a malfunctioning smart key can be stressful. Our specialized Hyundai key lost services are designed to provide you with a new key as quickly as possible. Simply provide us with your car’s details, and our mobile auto locksmiths will take care of the rest.

Hyundai smart key replacement

Is your Hyundai smart key not working properly? Our Hyundai smart key replacement services utilize the latest technology to program new smart keys, ensuring they work seamlessly with your vehicle. Trust us for quick, reliable, and cutting-edge smart key replacement services.

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