Local Auto Locksmith – Lost Renault key card

Have you lost your renault key card? No need to panic, we offer a non destructive entry to your car and at the same time we can provide and programme a new Renault key card for you. Typically a Renault main dealer will ask you to recover the car to their garage and will make you wait for a replacement key card even 2 weeks! Why wait, stress out and pay excessively for something that can be done within an hour by one of our specialists? Don’t wait any longer and call us now.

New Key Card  + Key Card Programming + Mobile Call Out
Price From £90 (All Included – No Hidden Costs)
Landline Phone: 0333 301 03 07 or Mobile Phone: 07950 206 034

Broken Renault Key Card

Is your Renault key card broken? The buttons are not working properly? Are you unable to lock or unlock your car? We are here to help! We provide the best service across Wales and South West with unbeatable prices. Same day  or night call outs are not a problem for us and we will not charge you any extra! With  new key card you will receive a 12 months warranty and what’s more important a peace of mind. So don’t wait any longer, give us a call and let us save you a lot of money and hassle.

New Key Card  + Key Card Programming + Mobile Call Out
Price From £90 (All Included – No Hidden Costs)
Landline Phone: 0333 301 03 07 or Mobile Phone: 07950 206 034

Card Not Detected

Is your car showing a message on the dashboard card not detected? Sorry to say but this is the time to replace your Renault key card. Solutions shown on the Internet will only last a while before your key card will stop working completely.

The good news is that we offer replacement key cards for Renault Megane 2002-2015 , Renault Laguna 2001-2015, Renault Grand Scenic 2002-2015, Renault Koleos Key Card Replacement 2008-2015 Renault Clio 2009-2013 and Renault Espace IV at the best price on the market!

We provide free mobile call out service to the following postcodes:

B, BA, BB, BD, BL, BS, CA, CF, CH, CV, CW, DE, DH, DL, DN, DY, EN, FY, GL, HA, HD, HG, HP, HR, HU, HX, L, LA, LD, LE, LL, LN, LS, M, N, NE, NP, OL, PR, PW, S, SA, SK, SL, SN, SR, ST, SW, SY, TA, TF, TS, TW, UB, W, WA, WC, WD, WF, WN, WR, WS, WV, YO


Key Card Repair

Are you sure you want to do it yourself and risk not being able to get into your car not to mention drive it? do you feel confident enough to send out your broken Renault key card to someone you don’t know, give them all your details, including address and a chance to copy your card? We guess no, you don’t. We will help you if your Renault key card is broken or not responding. We provide a 100% mobile and 100% hassle free service. Our cars work as mobile workshops and we come out directly to your location to make a replacement key card for your Renault Megane II / III, Renault Laguna II / III, Renault Grand Scenic II / III, Koleos I, Clio III and Renault Espace IV

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