Giulietta Key Fob 2010+

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The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Key Fob, specifically for models from 2010 onwards, is a three-button remote key fob. This key fob is designed to remotely lock and unlock the car doors, and it may also have other functionalities depending on the car’s features.The key fob can be disassembled and its internals can be replaced. Here are the steps to disassemble the key fob2:

  1. Lift the rubber button pad out. You will need something thin to get in and lift it. Once you have it lifted, just pull them off.
  2. Remove the single screw.
  3. Remove the battery tray.
  4. Now the key is ready to open. It just pulls apart; the join is along the top edge. Some of these are a bit tight; you may need to use the tip of a small screwdriver to carefully pry it open the first bit.

Please note that this is a general description and the exact design and functionality may vary slightly based on the specific model of the car and the key fob. Always refer to the user manual or contact a professional for any specific queries or concerns.

Aftermarket 3 Button Remote (Marelli or Delphi system) Ready for EEPROM Work With ID46 PCF7946 Transponder Chip. Lock, Unlock and Boot Buttons


Vehicle & Year

  • Alfa-romeo Giulietta 2010 – 2016


  • OEM or Aftermarket Aftermarket
  • Battery CR2032
  • Buttons 3 Buttons
  • Frequency 433mhz
  • Transponder ID46
  • Remote Style Flip
  • Blade Reference SIP22 (Silca)
  • Blade Reference FI-16 (JMA)