Renault Key Card Repair or Replacement

This page will help you decide which option is better for you – a new Renault key card or a repair service.

Are you looking for a Renault key card programming / Renault key card replacement service that comes to you? You are at the best place! We offer top quality service in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Brecon, Bristol, Bath, Hereford, Swindon and surrounding counties at unbeatable prices.

If your Renault key card broke, your car can’t detect the card (message on the dashboard “card not detected“) or you have lost your keycard you will need to order a replacement key card.

New Key Card  + Key Card Programming + Mobile Call Out
Price From £90 (All Included – No Hidden Costs)
Landline Phone: 01495 616 588 or Mobile Phone: 07950 206 034

To repair or not to repair?

This is the question most of our clients ask themselves when facing problems with their Renault key card. Here are some point which will help you decide between getting a new Renault key card and fixing your old one.

Common scenario 1 – You can open the car using key card but when starting it up the cars’ on board computer displays a message “card not detected”. When you are facing this problem it means that the inner parts of the key card are broken, changing the battery will not work and the chances for a repair are less than 1%. In those case we never recommend fixing the key card as you will waste your time and money. The key card will need to be sent out for the repairs and you have no warranty the repair will be possible. Best case scenario is that you will wait for the card between 3 and 5 days and will have the same issue few months down the line.

Common scenario 2 – Your Renault key card doesn’t lock or unlock the car but you can start the car with it. In this situation you can try to change the battery, if this doesn’t work then it means that the buttons on your Renault key card are broken or that the key card is about to stop working completely. The chances of fixing it are around 50%. We are sorry to say but we don’t offer the repair service as we see it as a false economy and here at Renault Key Card Services we aim to give the best service possible.

Common scenario 3 – Your Renault key card doesn’t work at all, it can’t start the car or unlock the vehicle. In that case we can say there is no chance of fixing the card and anyone trying to offer it to you will be just after your money. The only solution is to get a new key card.

Common scenario 4 – Your Renault key card works periodically, this is the first sign that the key card is about to breake and stop working. In that case we strongly recommend contacting Renault key card experts to avoid being left without a car. The chances of fixing a key card are around 50%, but as mentioned above it is a short term solution and the problem will return.

Our specialists are often asked by our clients why we don’t offer Renault key card repairs, here are the reasons why:

  • there is no warranty a repair will be possible
  • in the long run it is more expensive, you need to pay upfront, post the key card via recorded delivery without certainty that it will be repaired
  • repaired key card can stop working even a week or a day after having it back from repairs
  • there is a risk that the key card will get damaged by post
  • you will need to wait few days without a working car

In the long run our service is more cost effective due to the following reasons:

  • you will get a brand new card
  • we will come to you
  • we can provide and programme your new Renault key card the same day it breaks down
  • you will get a new key card guaranteed for 12 months for mechanical failure
  • if a card supplied by us will stop working between 13 and 36 months from our visit we offer you a new Renault key card with 50% off discount

Some of our clients ask us if they can buy a Renault key card on eBay and just use our programming service. We don’t recommend this solution simply because you never know what type of card will you get when purchasing it online. Renault key cards are designed for one time programming only, which means that one key card can be used in one car only. When buying Renault key card online you can’t be sure if it has not been programmed before and therefore will be unusable.

For your convenience we will email you an invoice.

Contacting us is very simple and hassle free. You can give us a call and one of our friendly representatives will book an appointment for you and answer all questions you might have. You can fill in the form and we will contact you straight away with a quote.

All quotes are 100% free and don’t mean you have to use our services.

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We will help you if your Renault key card is broken or not responding. We provide a 100% mobile and 100% hassle free service. Our cars work as mobile workshops and we come out directly to your location to make a replacement key card for your Renault Megane II, Renault Laguna II, Renault Grand Scenic II and Renault Espace IV

Benefits and advantages of our Renault Key Card Replacement Service

There is no other company offering such a comprehensive and valuable service for replacement Renault key cards. Reasons to give us a call:

Key card experts, Same day service, Emergency call outs, Unbeatable prices, 24/7 service, No call out fee


New Key Card  + Key Card Programming + Mobile Call Out
Price From £90 (All Included – No Hidden Costs)
Landline Phone: 01495 616 588 or Mobile Phone: 07950 206 034

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